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Our Faculty Members

All our academic staff members are of the highest calibre, both in teaching and research. They are industry leaders in their disciplines, which cover the breadth of banking, industry and management. Our strategy of professional management and administration, allows our faculty members to focus on delivery of teaching and research.


V. Natarajan


́ General Banking, Credit & Recovery

́ Soft Skill


E-mail: v.natarajan@nibscom.in


Mohar Singh


́ Credit Management, Priority Sector Lending, FI

́ MSME, General Banking, Soft Skills


E-mail: mohar.singh@nibscom.in


Krishan Kumar Vatsa


́ General Banking, Trade Finance

́ Treasury & Foreign Exchange


E-mail: kk.Vatsa@nibscom.in


Amarjit Dewan


́ General Banking, Credit & Recovery

́ Foreign Exchange


E-mail: amarjit.dewan@nibscom.in


S. K. Sharma


́ Corporate Credit & Risk Management

́ General Banking, Foreign Exchange


E-mail: sk.sharma@nibscom.in


Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao, Director


́ Strategic Planning & Management, Marketing,

́ Corporate Governance, Asset Quality

́ Credit  Monitoring, Risk Management , MSME

́ Soft Skills, Retail Banking


E-mail:  kembais@nibscom.in