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In every sphere of our life, ‘Change is the only constant’. Ever changing business environment, developments in science and technology, increasing integration of the world's economies, intense competition with a continuing stream of new players, a flurry of new products and services in industry impel us to be on our toes all the time. Business dynamism and extremely challenging work environment demands for change in role and responsibilities of Managers and organizational leaders. Those who aspire to become organizational leaders in today's environment need to acquire specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes, especially in a vast growing areas like banking & corporate business. We at NIBSCOM, believe that today's Managers need to inculcate in themselves an analytical orientation to understand and analyse complex business situations while at the same time possess technical excellence and action oriented administrative capabilities. Our training programmes are designed and anchored around this philosophy.



To be a centre of excellence in all aspects of banking and corporate development.


Overall Mission

We believe in providing the best quality of training in areas such as Credit Management , Trade Finance & Foreign Exchange, Retail Banking Services, Leadership & Personality Development and Marketing. NIBSCOM also provides consultancy in Banking, Finance and Information Technology to the Financial Sector, Corporate Sector, Government Sector and Other Sectors.


We remain committed to qualitative development of human resources as a critical activity, which positively impacts on performance and attitude of people for better organizational effectiveness and operational efficiency, both in the financial and non-financial sectors.


We act as catalysts for change and are committed to the realization of corporate  goals and priorities and in bringing about a  paradigm shift in making corporates more responsive to customer needs.


Activities and Developments in financial year 2016-17 :-


We have done well and shall strive to sustain the growth alongwith new developments. Following are the details of our achievements for 2016-17 :-


́ Overall Participation : 4681.

́ Participation from Non-member banks: 150.

́ Number of In-Company programmes for Member Banks: 70.

́ Number of locational programmes: 3.

́ Participation from member banks in In-company programmes: 1632.


Though the overall participation in the programmes decreased post demonetization, yet variety of in-house and locational programmes on emerging banking scenarios and positive individual responses received from participants of each programme suggest that our training programmes have been received very well.

We shall strive to further improve the quality of training and other facilities at NIBSCOM. We are committed to providing quality training experience to participants for their self-development, personality upgradation and to keep them abreast with the changing needs & market requirements.

 Kind regards.


Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao




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