Training Services

NIBSCOM conducts training programmes in the following areas:

 Credit Management

 Human Resource Development

 Law and Recovery

 Foreign Exchange and International Banking

 Capital and Money Market

 General Bank Management

 Information Technology


Credit Management

 Revival and rehabilitation of SIUs

 Intensive Credit Management

 Credit Management 

 Financing of corporate Sector

 Skills Development for Financing of SSI Business

 Skills Development for Credit Monitoring

 Financing of corporate Sector

 Financing of Small Scale and Seasonal Industries

 Project Financing and Monitoring

 Retail Credit and Consumer Finance

 Housing Finance

 Consumer Loans and Housing Finance (with IT Applications)

 Credit Risk Management of Working Capital Finance (with IT Applications)


Human Resource Development

 Disciplinary Action and Procedures

 Maximizing Performance for Management for Managers

 Positive Discipline Management

 Human Resources and Organisational Excellence

 HRD Audit Law and Recovery


Advanced Recovery Management

 Problem Loans and Negotiated Settlements

 Recovery Management for H.O./ C.O. officials

 Documentation of Financial Transactions

 Debt recovery Tribunals

 Practice and Procedure

 Problem Loans recovery through DRTs

 Recovery Strategies for Branches

 Recovery Strategies for Corporate Advances


Foreign Exchange and International Banking

 Export-Import Operations and Finance

 Project Exports and High Value Exports

 NRI Deposits & Investments, FDI and Joint Ventures

 Forex Audit including Dealing room Audit

 Financial Management in International Trade

 International Banking and Finance

 Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees and Export Finance

 Advanced Foreign Exchange

 Options and Futures in Forex Risk Management

 Inspection of Foreign Exchange Operations

 Forex Management in New Millennium


Capital and Money Market

 Financial Markets and Merchant Banking

 Securities & Money Markets

 Investments & Trading

 Treasury Management (with IT Applications)

 Management of Financial Services (including Mutual Funds)

 Investment Banking


General Bank Management

 Marketing and pricing of Financial Services

 TQM/ISO 9000

 Risk Management

 Asset Liability Management

 Bank Frauds - Prevention and Detection

 General Inspection

 Vigilance Management

 Risk Management and Prudential Norms, New Millennium Challenges


Information Technology

 Banking and Finance for Information Technology professionals

 IT and its Applications in Banks

 IT Applications in Working Capital Finance

 Branch Management in ALPM Environment

 Inspection and Audit in Computerised Environment

 Centralised Banking Solution


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