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Dear Friends,

I have great pleasure to welcome you all on the first day of 2019. Every New Year day is a time for introspection. We need to recapitulate the hits and misses of our life during the year that has gone by. It is customary to greet and wish each other best of things during the year. At the same time it leads us to make new resolutions. We make new commitments to change some of the life style for better. But the enthusiasm of New Year resolution dissipates as we move fast with our day today activities.

But being in the banking profession, you have some unique opportunity. We can deliver more value to stake holders with a different focus. How to generate better value will depend on our competency. Hence our every time we make a New Year resolution in this year or years to come should be ‘Competency centric’. 

Become more competent to lead the banks. In a developing economy like in India, you have immense opportunities to grow in career. But you need to stay focused on building competency. It is a strenuous and continuous effort. It does not come from sporadic New Year resolutions. It comes from step by step efforts.

Banking is a simple science and art of resource management. Our job role in the bank has changed in the last two decades. Entry of digitization in banking operations is the harbinger of change. We are no more account keepers of customer relationships. Account keeping is digitized. Then what is our responsibility?

Our responsibility is to increase stakeholder value in terms of generating more sustainable profits for our valued investors – the government, shareholders, FIIs or the mass of people who entrusted their lifetime savings with us believing that we have the competence to enhance its value and protect its safety.

This brings us the to responsibility to become ‘professional risk entrepreneurs’. We should be competent to become best risk managers irrespective of the current role that we have in the bank. The job role in bank may change but our broad goal of managing risk continues. Please don’t think that some body at corporate office will manage the risk and it is a special function. You and I have to build competency to manage risk when volume of business moves from arithmetical growth to geometrical growth.

Though we understand risk in three distinct segments. Credit risk, Market risk and Operational risk but we should be sensitive to every angle of risk that eats into stakeholder value. Read more literature on risk management. Understand its potentiality to damage our efforts. We must eye on risk-adjusted return. We log in and log out risk in every step that we take in bank. It is not only giving credit that we create risk for the bank. Even in the primary function of opening savings accounts, we may expose the bank to operational risk. We invest bank’s money in securities and we open it to risk. 

I would call upon the young friends here to make New Year resolutions to build more risk management competencies by undergoing some certifications in the areas of your interest. Gain more insight on how to identify the risk, measure it and mitigate it. You cannot eliminate risk in our day-to-day banking life. If you do that you lose opportunities to enhance stakeholder value.

When every one of us transform into risk entrepreneurs, the bank will be able to generate safe and secured returns on the resources that we mobilize from stakeholders. The crux of my request is, become more competent to lead the banks when we enter into more sophisticated areas of business risk in the years to come. Let us train our reflexes and eyes not escape any shade of risk that can endanger stakeholder interest.

I wish you, your family and friends a happy and prosperous new year in the midst of whom you become more competent professionally to lead the bank.

Jai Hind





New Year Greetings !!